Sep 21, 2010

Camp and meteor

Two months ago, in holiday school, I and my friend went to a place. My friend and I installed camp for we to sleep.
Afternoon came, we did one thing that was very boring, so I, my friend, and anyone who follow felt bored, because someone guided our game, his face is very bored. But god to spoke other. So condition in a place to change for rain that was very heavy rain. With that, we carry together all camp to aula that neighbouring with a place we camped.
Dripping wet due to the rain, no problem, that important game so finish, so my feeling is happy delicesy violent rain.
Evening came automatic we slept. And than when two o’clock in the morning, me to get up to see the condition a camping place. when I saw condition a camping place, I saw three of my friends who saw a star together. When I sat near with them and I saw meteorit so first my friend prayed to the god as “ yaa Allah, give me BMW”

By saying that, I laughed because his talk or pray is same as Qamarujaman who there in comic Qamarujaman, so that will be memory that will not be forget by me.

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