Jul 27, 2012

There is #AYAM on Climb to Gede Mountain

I am Rudi Apriadi , I wanna tell you how there is #AYAM at Gede Mountain.

Yeah ok, but first I want to explain what #AYAM is…
#AYAM is a word in Bahasa Indonesia that means "chicken" in English. It was mentioned
by Januar Pribudi

For our team that went to GedeMountain, #AYAM is a word that had to be
said if some shocking situation appeared. Like when somebody fell down,
slipped or felt hurt after falling.

Yeah… Sounds crazy yet funny once that word mentioned.

And now, this word #AYAM is so familiar when we’re having a trip. We also
request our friend Jasper Kilkelly to spread this to his friends in
Australia so this word would be familiar.


It’s gonna be so nice to hear this word become familiar

Don’t forget us and don’t forget #AYAM!!

Gede Volcano
Saturday, 13th July 2012

C2 *ChickenCrazy*

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