Nov 8, 2010

Chat dengan Bule

Inilah percakapan Chatting (pake Gmail) aku dengan seorang bule yang pernah aku kenal heee. simak percakapannya yukkzzzz!!!!
Meskipun aku masih belajar English, tapi gax apalah yang penting Bule ngerti apa yang aku omongin heeee
Ni dia Cekodit……………………eh muf salah,,, Cekidotzz

Lisette: hi rudi! how are you? cleardot[1]
saya: hi ms lisette, I'm fine and you, cleardot[2]
Lisette: i'm great! Finished with university i have summer holidays!
and you? do you still have school?
how did your tests go?
saya: yach I'm same with you, that right i'm verry fine, about test or exam, next week I and all student in Indonesia, exam together, 7 mei 2010, I'm sorry my english not good
Lisette: no it's very good your english! cleardot[3]
ah good luck then next week!!
are you still living in DAA? Is Saepul the only one who left DAA?
saya: thank you very much, eh when you will come back to DAA cleardot[4]
saya: not too, now many people in DAA bit next month I and friend will go fpom daa
I'm sorry not fpom but from hehehe cleardot[5]
Lisette: hehe next month there will be no one living in DAA anymore?
Lisette: you are lucky because you live so close to DAA..but Erin and some others live in Cianjur, Bogor yeah?
I want to visit again...but i don't know how soon i can go!!
saya: I was very close to home bu for erin and that far, not go to home example mujib, erin, rahmah, diar, indri, and 5 people and other
Lisette: yeah..
so if i visit DAA i won't be able to see them.. cleardot[6]
but i can still visit you..hehe
will you have a party before everyone leaves DAA?
saya: no that me say not that but they are there in daa but close go to home
Lisette: aha! sorry i didn't understand! cleardot[7]
ok..that's good!!
saya: but help me for school fees, and I have to work for my school fees
Lisette: ok
saya: ok, but help me how can I get money for school fees?
Lisette: hmm..
what kind of work do you have to do?
saya: no I have not found it,
Lisette: can you get work in the market maybe?
or somewhere in cipanas after school or in the weekend?
saya: ouch, thanks, but in the market is very not good , and emmm but i can work in the market, and I hope you always pray and help me ok,, thaks for all, cleardot[8] I'm very happy already chat and you,
Lisette: i'm happy too to talk with you!
i miss you all..and i really want to visit...
i'll pray for you
i think you will find work..don't worry
saya: happy too, thanks,
Lisette: maybe Mr.Samsul or Ibu Tar has some idea for work?
saya: I'm very miss you, I will wait you for come bake to daa hehehehe
sorry I'm rudi not saepul
Lisette: i know that you're Rudi! cleardot[9]
saya: och I think you know me ,, I'm sorry cause in gmail I wear name   radits hehehe
Lisette: haha
i use gmail more than it's good that you're on gmail! cleardot[10]
then i can talk easier
name radits = nickname cleardot[11]
saya: sip, thats right cleardot[12]
yes in gmail really safe
Lisette: ok..i'm going to go eat some lunch because i'm really hungry hehe! cleardot[13]
but i will talk to you again soon!!
good luck again in your exam!
saya: ok I will wait you hehehehe
Lisette: haha
saya: bye


  1. keren bung belajarnya.

    kujungi balik ya